For the project phase of our level design course, I teamed up with my friend Michael and together we made a nifty little dungeon level in Unreal Development Kit. I worked with the level design, making the level layout itself, the lighting and scripting, while Michael worked on the visuals. As usual, the project time was just a week and a half, so it’s not a huge level by any means.

Said dungeon level is filled with traps and simple puzzles, which I made all with some simple tinkering in Unreal’s visual scripting system, Kismet. It’s nothing too complex or stunning, but it was great fun to work with and I did learn a few new tricks in UDK, which I had previously only worked with during my Fallout introduction video project, which didn’t really involve any scripting or gameplay. There’s even two different “endings” to the level, or exit paths rather.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the game. Click them to enlarge them to their original size.

Dungeon Time - Shot #1 Dungeon Time - Shot #2 Dungeon Time - Shot #3 Dungeon Time - Shot #4

UDK’s default means of distribution, at least at the time of the build of this project, was to wrap everything up in an installer, so everything’s packed into one executable. Convenient, but also slightly unnecessary, given the short play time of the level. If you’d like to try it out, it’s available down below, as long as you acknowledge and agree to this simple point;

  • I am in no way reliable for any issues that running and/or downloading this game or its installer may cause. It has been tested on several systems and seems to work fine, but should it not run properly, then report to me either via the contact page, or via the comments field on this page.

Dungeon Time – Installer Download (7Zip)