Howdy! This’ll just be a quick lil’ update on the RPG.

After recoding what little battle logic I had so far for the third time, I finally got something working! Now, the hardest part seems to have been overcome, and what remains now is just a whole lot of coding different attacks and actions, and some attack logic for the enemies too, of course. Perhaps a working battle system by the end of the week isn’t such an impossible idea after all? Of course not, there’s always a solution!

Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger. That’s how the Daft Punk song goes. I think I’m gonna loop it for motivational purposes tomorrow.

For now though, I’m gonna play either some Dead Space 2, or either Final Fantasy VI or VII. We’ll see what I come to choose. Perhaps I’ll even decide to play Amnesia! I really should play through it, I should’ve played through it long ago, really.

Anyhow, that’ll have to do for today. Look out for more updates tomorrow, perhaps even a little something on Breakthru: Extended! *Excitement ensues*

Marcus out.