Hello all!

Just stopping by to inform you all that the 3D Art Mix-page under the Artwork-section has been updated with some new (old) stuff, go check it out!

Also, today I’ve been working on a prototype for a school project. It’s going to be a retro-styled, 2D top-down RPG, heavily influenced by Dungeons & Dragons and Final Fantasy (hence the mish-mash name; Dungeon Fantasy). There’s not much to it just yet, mainly just a test of the character customization system. Things are happening fast though and I’ve still got plentiful of inspiration for it, even after a full day’s worth of coding! I’ve got a good feeling about the project, hopefully you’ll all find it appealing as well. It should be interesting for anyone that likes D&D or Final Fantasy. Or both!

That’ll be it for today. To make things a bit more interesting though, here’s a screenshot of what I’ve got so far. It doesn’t look like much, but there’s a lot of code behind the scenes!

From within the character customization screen. Note that the ability values are from simulated diceroll tests. (Also, noble Sir Bob seems to be without genitalia! Mysterious!)

Keep on gaming!

Marcus out.