Hey all!

So, activity’s been a bit low lately, mostly due to being busy with the last school project for this term. It’s a group project, a short ‘interactive experience’ made in UDK. You’re a diver searching through the shipwreck of a military ship from the Cold War days.
It’s turning out great, I’ll let you guys have a peek very soon, promise!

Other than that, life’s pushing forward as usual, and I can’t complain. It’ll be nice to have a couple of months free after this project, but I’m afraid I might become bored after a few weeks of catching up with lost sleeping hours…
I shouldn’t worry though, I have stuff left to do for My Burden to Keep. Namely all character animations, and integrating some music. Then, it’ll be ready for public release, so look out for that.
Also, me and a friend’ve got a few things cooking behind the scenes. More on that as we start to make good progress..!

That’ll be all for now. Peace!

Marcus out.