Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post. I haven’t had much to report lately, other than the fact that the Captain Condom flash game has been uploaded to the site (see the projects tab.)
Yeah, I’m a bit late with announcing that it’s finished, since it’s been finished for a good while now. Oh well, better late than never!

Life flows on as usual. The current course we’re undertaking at school is one I’ve been looking forward to; story design. For the first two weeks that’ve passed, we’ve been assigned to come up with a story, re-iterate it as needed after first feedback, work out a game manuscript and synopsis fit for a two weeks project and prototype the idea.
All has gone well so far and I’ve teamed up with a classmate from the game graphics course for this final, two week project iteration of the storyline I came up with. I won’t reveal too much about it yet, as it hasn’t officially kicked off yet (not until tomorrow) and there might be heavy and/or light changes in the storyline, whatever we see fit.

The game is going to be an adventure game, traditional point and click style much alike the 90’s games of LucasArts and Sierra. The key element of the storyline as it currently is is a murder mystery, which will be solved through the eyes of two protagonists.
But, as I mentioned before, much of the story might come to change. I’ll try to update regularly as we progress.

Until then..!

Marcus out.