Breakthru: Extended Journal – Entry 1

Today, I’ve begun working on the extended version of my first Game Maker platformer game, Breakthru. The extended version of the game is developed as a means of making the game more complete, as development was pretty rushed (it was a one week project for school originally.)
I fell for the project in a way over time, which has now motivated me to further expand upon it in all directions.

What I’ve done today is I’ve begun working on the platforming system base for the game, making a sort of template platforming engine that I’ll then use to make the game itself. The platform engine for Breakthru: Extended is based upon the refined version used in Breakthru 2, which has better collision and a few overall improvement tweaks.

Extended will be a lot more similar to the original sequel in terms of gameplay, featuring and expanding upon the running and attacking features that were not present in the original Breakthru.

So far, I’ve only just cleaned the source file for Breakthru 2 up to serve as a simple template file, through which I’ll test new features and tweaks before working on the game itself. Hopefully, the engine will be complete in just a few weeks, it all depends on school work and how much time it’ll take up. Already I’ve found a solution for the ‘pixel stepping’ that used to occur as the player made contact with a solid surface, hopefully it’s a fix that works for collision with both horizontal and vertical solid surfaces. Time, and testing, will tell!

Marcus out.