Hey all! Thought I’d break the Dungeon Fantasy-pattern with some Breakthru: Extended related news. Not much, but some little bits of updateness.

While riding the train back to my hometown to spend the ‘free’ week at my parents’, I booted up the laptop to tinker some more with the revised platform engine that I’m going to use in Breakthru: Extended. Mainly, what I did was I coded in platform behaviour, i.e; pieces of solid blocks that you can walk in front of but also land upon. It’s a common feature and wasn’t too hard to code. It did have to go through two iterations before becoming fully functional and bug free though. Anyhow, now it works and pretty damn good too!

The other two little bits I added were a landing sound for when the player impacts with the ground (nothing too hard to sneak in, dunno why I didn’t do it in the first place.)
Last, but not least, I also took the time to comment some of the old code that I had ported over (uncommented code is a big no-no, once things start to get complex!)

Tl;dr, I’ve coded platform behaviour (platforms that you can walk in front of but also land on), snuck in a landing impact sound for the player and commented some old, uncommented code. Not much, but a small step forward is better than nothing!

That’s all for now. Look out for more news soon!

Marcus out.