It’s that time again, belated-progress-report-time!

So, just like the last post, this is a progress report for what I did yesterday, since I forgot to write it then. I blame hard work for making me forget!

Anyhow, so yesterday consisted mostly of ‘background coding’, i.e. a lot of code that works behind the scenes but isn’t necessarily visible on screen. Most of this background code is related to the still in progress battle system, which is taking a whole lot longer to code than I initially estimated. Still though, the prolonged development of it shouldn’t present that much of a problem deadline-wise. So long as it works before the end of the week, It should be okay. Fingers crossed!

The battle initiation code works somewhat all right, but I might have to rethink my method of calling it. Currently, I call it through a script through which I can throw in the battle background, amount of monsters etc., but since the battle scene is in a separate room, it might be best to initiate the battle through the battle scenes creation code instead. I’ll keep the script though, to alter some global variables that I can access when the battle scene is created, to determine what scene and monsters you meet there instead.

Most of that might not’ve made much sense, but it’s good reference for me if I get lost in all the code and forget what I’m doing. It tends to happen every once in a while. I blame that on way too little caffeine!

Another thing which we did yesterday was testing out the template male character sprite in action, throwing him into the game and making him walk. He’s kinda bare since he’s a template character, but it looked great already! I can’t wait to see what it all looks like when we’ve got all the sprites for the characters working.
Unfortunately though, I can’t let you all in on a sneak peek just yet. I’m still using a placeholder tileset (containing borrowed graphics) for the test map. When we’ve got some basic tiles in there too, I’ll post a little peek at it.

So, in short, yesterday mostly consisted of making boring background code (like checking array sizes and a value representation lookup script) in preparation for the battle action, which I’ll tackle today. Best get started, there’s lots to do!

Until next time,
Marcus out.