Mellow evening to you all! I bring forth another progress report on the 2D RPG work in progress!

Today, just like yesterday, consisted mostly of background coding. I can finally say though, that the battle system is actually underway now. For real!

The battle initiation code is now properly handled, and so far it processes the enemy type and the amount of that enemy to place in the battle scene. All these enemies are added to an array which I’ll later use to populate the list of available targets from which the player can choose his victim, given that the player party is alive and that it’s the players turn, of course.
That’s another thing added today; determining which side starts first and letting them take action.

I’ve also added a feedback box at the top of the battle screen, which will be used to present textual feedback for the things happening during battle. Nothing too complex, but very helpful in further setting the mood of the battle.

Presently, the player can alter between the three choices of commands; attack, magic and flee. Currently, they don’t do much, the cursor isn’t even moving yet, but it’s a small step on the way. It looks as if though a general battle command script is the best method of calling what kind of action is taken against whom, so hopefully the action itself in the battle won’t take too long to code.

Lastly, I’ve also added some basic equipment system for the characters. All characters can equip weapons and armors, but are limited to certain types of them both, depending on what proficiency type they can equip.

That’s all for today’s update, at least all the details I can think of. Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more visual to show before the week’s end.

Until next time!
Marcus out.