Good evening, internets!

This is the first official progress report of the 2D RPG project I’ve mentioned earlier, temporarily referred to as “Dungeon Fantasy”, since it’s sort of a tribute game to both Dungeons & Dragons and Final Fantasy.

Last Friday, me and two of my classmates (from the Graphics group) joined forces, so the game is now a group project. Today, we’ve mostly been doing planning in relation to the games graphics and visual style. We’ve decided to go with a Gothic-inspired visual style for the game, while still retaining the originally planned fantasy setting. It sounded interesting in theory when we were discussing it and I’m confident it’ll be at least equally as interesting in reality. As the Duke himself said; let’s rock!

Code-wise, the party customization system (that’s right, featuring an entire party now!) is more or less finished. You can choose between the four characters and customize them to your liking, and it all works smoothly without any nasty bugs or disappearing values. Yay!

Visual evidence of the 4 character party alteration system in action. The bright bar on the left is a placeholder for where the characters' portraits will be.

Other than that, the Intelligence and Wisdom stats have been merged together into one stat instead, called Psyche. This both saves me some time when doing checks based on such things as spellcasting, since both the Wizard and Cleric classes now depend on the same stat instead of one each, and it also saves a bit of energy for the player, since it’s one value less to keep track of. Some might call it simplifying the system, but I call it a Flow Decision (an alteration in the games design based on enhancing the flow in the game slightly.)

The Charisma ability has been cut completely from the game, since we decided that the characters’ alignments will work more than well alone in its place. Such things as civilian characters’ disposition towards the player will be based upon general alignment checks instead of charisma checks. We’ve just discussed its possibilities so far, but we might go as far as have the party’s general alignment affect the outcome of the game entirely. Of course, we’re not revealing any details on that just yet, you’ll have to wait and see for yourselves, in-game!

That is all there is to say today. Tomorrow holds further coding work for me, hopefully I can get started on the battle system (finally!)

Now, I will enjoy the last sip of my compulsory 20th birthday beer. Cheers!

Marcus out.