Hello all. This is actually a delayed progress report for yesterday, so there’ll most likely be two posts today. Gasp!

Anyhow, what happened yesterday was trying out working from home. This particular time though, it didn’t work so well. Didn’t build up the proper motivation and inspiration until late in the evening, so that’s basically when I got things done proper.

I fixed the party leader’s movement speed to get increased/decreased in accordance with the leader’s race (which means that Dwarves are slower in their movement, just like in D&D!)
I’ve also fixed up arrays for the party for making quick and easy alignment checks, ability checks, etc. I’m not a hundred percent sure just yet, but I think it could also be used for going through and storing all the participants’ battle commands. We’ll see how it turns out!

I actually did get started on the battle system yesterday,  mainly working on the layout of the system and trying out altering between characters, to simulate the battle-specific character stat display system progressing. All that’s been done works well so far, hopefully by the end of today, I’ll have an interesting first, rough version with a command queue working. Fingers crossed!

An empty display, though with a functional stat display system that can display all the battle-important stats. Also, blue arrow cursor! Zomg!

That’s all for this time. Peace, duders!

Marcus out.