You guessed it, it’s another one of those late progress reports! This ones for yesterday’s (monday’s) work.

Yesterday, things started finally coming together in regards to the battle system. I ran into a lot of issues that, by somewhere around six or seven in the evening, the pieces of the puzzle finally started coming together.

What works so far is that your party can attack the opponents physically, with their equipped weapons (so far, there’s just an ‘Unarmed’ weapon, but adding more will be easy.) The opponents actually lose health too, and can thus die. You can also choose to flee from the battle, which, through a nifty little formula, will calculate your chances of escaping based on the Dexterity-stat of the character trying to get the party to get the ‘eff out of there.

Finally, the battles can also be won, and after getting your share of experience points and gold, you’ll be returned to where you were before. Technically, the party doesn’t yet receive the experience points and gold, but it’s an easy thing to fix.

I guess that’s all for this report. Hopefully, I’ll do today’s report on time. We’ll see how it goes…

Until then!
Marcus out.