Hey, we’re getting used to this “writing report the day after it’s meant to be written”-deal, aren’t we?
Well, it doesn’t matter that much. What matters is that all the 1075(!) lines of code are finally starting to become a game. Yay!

So, as you probably figured out, this is the progress report for Tuesday’s work. The battles more or less work completely now, with the exception of spellcasting, which I doubt I’ll be able to implement before we’re supposed to showcase the game tomorrow (thursday, that is.)

Characters (and only those that are actually alive) can attack and flee from the battle. The enemies can also carry out their commands, and because of how I decided to make the enemies, they can all have their individual battle logic. It can be as simple as attacking any random character in the party (which the current test enemy does), or you could have them seemingly intelligently choose the character with the lowest defense for their target. The only limitation is how much one’s willing to code, basically.

The battles can both be won, with the player characters being rewarded for their feat, but they can also be lost, resulting in a game over screen. Currently, the game over screen exits the game. This is because of how the whole system is constructed, so to say. All characters are persistent objects, which means that as the game goes between screens/rooms/maps, all their values follow with them. This presents a problem if you would return to the title screen (also implemented, nothing fancy though), as all the characters would immediately be dead if you’d start a new game.
It’s probably an easy issue to solve, as I have a few ideas on how it could be done. For now though, it’s not the highest priority.

Since the game has actually progressed a bit, I’d say that it’s time for a screenshot, yay! Keep in mind though, most of the stuff is still placeholder graphics, until I import the assets that my teammates have made.

The battle system in action, using lots of test stuff!

That’s it for today. Or, well, yesterday technically.
Marcus out.