Yup. Late report again. Though, this time, it’s a report for both Wednesday and Thursday, so today’s report is in sort of early! Sort of.

Anyways, I’ve implemented the graphics that my teammates made more or less completely now. There are two enemies spread out across two maps (a forest scene and tower scene), and all races and sexes respectively have a sprite representation in the world (though only if they’re the party leader, of course.)

Since only the first character can currently become the party leader, it is wise to put your favored character first. If you, for instance, like playing as dwarves, make sure to put him at the very top of the party. Keep in mind that he’ll be slightly slower in movement than humans and eleves though.

There’s not much else to report, other than the fact that the time for the project has come to an end. By the end of these two weeks, I expected I’d have a demo ready and playable. To some extent, I was right. It’s not as much of a complete demo as I’d wished, but it’s at least playable, with a couple of maps to explore and enemies to encounter. Although it may not be a very long demo, I am still proud of what I managed to achieve during the period code-wise. I ventured out into previously uncharted lands in terms of coding and program designing and actually did get something out of it. A system that is, to a great extent, very customizable and broad in terms of how it can be used.

For the next few days, I’ll consider releasing it on here. I’m hesitating to release it immediately as I might have a possible, alternate plan for the project. I’m consider finishing some last few things further and then releasing the source files, as a sort of open source, Game Maker based RPG engine. Although it may not be entirely complete even if I finish up some more stuff, it’ll be a helpful push in the right direction for someone who wants to make a game of a similar nature.

We’ll see how it goes. Eventually, there’ll be at least a project page up for it, with some screenshots and perhaps even a video. Whether or not it will be released as the short, short demo it is, or if I decide to release it as a (messy) source of help with building RPG systems in Game Maker, time will only tell.

Last but not least, I must repeat the words I uttered during the presentation of our game today. I mentioned that I’ve always respected Nobuo Uematsu and Yoshitaka Amano for the great artistic work they contributed with to the Final Fantasy games. After this project, I’ve found a lot of respect also for Nasir Gebelli, whom coded the first three Final Fantasy games. How he found the patience to program such complex systems is beyond me. Then again, I am an aspiring designer, not a programmer. Anyhow, kudos to Nasir for his contribution to the early FF-games. I’m impressed, to say the least!

That’s all for this post and for the project too, I guess. When I finally decide on what to do with the game, you might see another post about it on this blog.

Until next post; keep on gaming!

Marcus out.