Long time no see, eh? Yeah, school projects, life getting in the way, yadda-yadda.

Who cares? Let’s get to what’s new instead!

So, me and my pal Mike made a little trap-filled dungeon level in UDK for our project for the course we just finished. It’s short, but we’re both pretty satisfied with what we managed to make in the less than two weeks we had to work on it. We’re just gonna fiddle with it and polish a few things, then you’ll probably, hopefully see it up and available for download here before the end of the year (no promises though, but fingers crossed!)

That’s about all I had to say for now. Work on My Burden to Keep has unfortunately been stalled a bit due to the recent courses in school, but rest assured, it’s still alive and well!

That’ll be all, safe travels through the snowy lands, lads and gals! (What I really mean: play Skyrim!)

Marcus out.