Good day, world wide web!

I’d like to start this post by apologizing for the decreased frequency of blog posts lately. Been wrapping up the last course for school for this term (a project which you’ll see popping up here pretty soon, hopefully.) My first year at BTH (Blekinge Institute of Technology, the abbreviation is for its Swedish name, though) has been a lot of fun, very educational and sometimes stressful, though in tolerable amounts. I’ve learned a lot, not only about game design but about my own weaknesses and strengths, how to better split up my work and the magic power of deadlines (actually getting projects done has been swell!)

I’m looking forward to another two years at the school, during which I hope to learn even more and become even better at what I do. For now though, summer’s here and I’ll try to relax a bit, get some work done on other projects and, hopefully, make some money too. Nothing like the comfort of having a few extra bucks in the bank (there are a lot of awesome looking games coming out this year, after all.)

I’ll make sure to get our final project from school up on the site soon. It’s a short underwater exploration game, in which you explore the remains of a downed military ship from the cold war era, searching for the personal belongings of the crew members.
I’m also working on putting together the character art and animations for My Burden to Keep, so that’ll hopefully be out and ready to be played before the end of the summer.

That’ll be all for now. Look out for some hopefully more frequent updates on this blog!

Marcus out.