Hey everyone.

As you can probably guess, this will be a post about junk comments/spam comments. Since I launched the site, I’ve received a lot of those. In fact, I’ve only received spam comments so far (just saying, if you’re reading on here regularly, let me know in the comments! *wink, nudge*)

It’s amazing how these spammers have generated comments that would seem relevant, had I been running a boring business and/or everyday blog on here. But I don’t, so the relevance of the comments fall no short of being utterly retarded.

Unfortunately, I can’t quote any examples right now, as I just cleaned out the spam comments. Usually though, they fall within the category of ‘trying real hard to seem legit, but failing mortally in the grammar/relevance factor.’ Most of these comments claim such things as posts being ‘very interesting’ and that they’ve ‘studied the subject at matter, and have found a new way of thinking from reading the article’. The given, loosely quoted example comes from a spam comment that ended up in the Artwork – 2D Textures section. If you’ve been there, you’ll notice there are just a few paragraphs of text explaining the textures shortly (ie the gallery at the bottom that fills up way more space than the text describing them.) Which essentially means that spambots are retarded. No news there, though.

Got our project criteria today at school for the Flash course. Hopefully, in a few weeks, you’ll be seeing a cool little Flash game on the site or perhaps even on another site (I’m thinking either Newgrounds or Kongregate, should the project turn out good enough to be posted at such large sites.)
I won’t reveal much just yet, as most decisions are preliminary still, but there will be condoms in the game.

Interested?  Well, they won’t be used in the traditional fashion, that I can say.

Check back later for more info (when there’s something to actually show, that is.) Until then..!

Marcus out.