Another project has begun, and thus, another project needs a logbook! From this day forward, you can follow the progress on my current school project, going under the temporary title “My Burden to Keep”. It’ll be a short adventure game in the classic point and click fashion, revolving around a murder mystery and the people affected by it. It is a collaborative effort being made by me, Marcus, and I’ll be responsible for the design, background art and story aspects of it while my classmate Lukas will be responsible for the characters of the game.

Today, I finished up the GUI elements for the game, which means the gameplay ‘shell’ is more or less ready for action. You can alter commands between Walk to, Examine, Interact with and Speak with, much like in older LucasArts and Sierra titles. I’m using the Adventure Game Studio engine and I must say that the workflow with that engine is really smooth and easy to get into. Highly recommended for point and click adventure fans!

The most important part that I worked on today was writing dialogue and some pseudo-script for some of the scenes in the game. Dialogue will be a large portion of the game, so there’s certainly stuff to do. I finished up dialogue for the first four scenes in the game, which turned out to be a lot of text. For fans of story heavy games, I’m estimating there’ll be a good amount of interesting stuff for you to feast on! Awesome, right?

Other than that, there isn’t much to say. Progress is at a good pace and so far it looks like the deadline won’t be an issue at all. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Marcus out.