Good evening, people of the interwebs!

Today, I’ve finished up the first draft of all the dialogue in the game. It was quite a lot of work, but now it’s ready to be proofread and then, it’s more or less ready to be implemented into the game’s script.

One of the later scenes involves you trying to convince a person to give in, and depending on what you choose to say, that person might or might not surrender peacefully. It’s up to the judgement of the player to determine which choices will lead to a calm surrender, or which of them that will lead to a more intense conclusion.

I received feedback from one of our teacher on the course yesterday, and she really seemed to like the story. That’s a great compliment, coming from an experienced book author and all, so I’m really psyched to see if the story holds up as a game as well.

To not leave you guys without anything interesting to read, here’s an excerpt from the dialogue scripts;

“You mentioned that everyone left the party.”
“Yeah, well, the mayor asked us to stay as the last attendees were leaving. He said he wanted to discuss things with my father.”
“Did mister Scott seem upset, troubled?
” Hmm… I would say he seemed worried more than anything, so I guess troubled would be an accurate description.”
“Interesting. What happened then?”
“Mister Scott asked me to go back to my father’s apartment and take Emily along with me, if she so desired. I guess they wanted to discuss things in private.”
“Understandable. Elder adults are often like that, uncomfortable in serious discussions when others are present. So, you and young miss Scott left for the apartment. Your father stayed for how long?”
“I’m not sure. He didn’t come back to the apartment, not that I noticed anyway. Come to think of it, he mentioned that he only had one key.”
“With regard to this information, we may assume that he stayed at the mansion. Logical, a manor of that size must contain a few guest rooms.”

That’ll be all for today. Look out for more stuff tomorrow, hopefully there’ll be some visuals to show off then!

Marcus out.