It is time again, for another update on the progress for My Burden to Keep!

Today (or technically yesterday as it’s past midnight now) I worked on integrating the introduction sequence into the game, complete with the characters moving too. I got the first two thirds of the whole introduction into the game, the only thing that’s missing from them now is the animations. Pacing, line breaks and movement was tested several times before I was satisfied with how it all played out. I’m picky with these sorts of things, hopefully it’ll show somewhat in the final product.
At first, I ran into a problem with the script for the second part of the intro that I coded today. As always though, the problem turned out really simple to solve (one of those “oh, herp derp”-moments.)

I also got the basic architecture done for the scene outside of the apartment building, rendering it out with some fancy ambient occlusion. All it needs now is some colour, and it’s finished.
I might put up a video tutorial on the method I’ve used for making the backgrounds. I find it’s a very efficient method. It doesn’t look nearly as good as hand-painted backgrounds (old-school LucasArts and Sierra style), but it does have a bit of that feel still.

Anyhow, that’ll have to do for today. There’s work to do tomorrow as well, and I should get some sleep in preparation for that.

Peace, dudes!
Marcus out.