Hey interwebs!

Midnight progress post again, for yesterday, of course. I worked on finishing up the introduction sequence and then making the background for the interrogation room, and integrating the already scripted interrogation sequence between Francis and Gabriel (whom you’ll get acquainted with when the game’s release, wink wink.)

It turned out there was a small portion of the dialogue tree missing, which was an easy fix. I then worked on splitting up some (way too long) sentences, putting pauses where appropriate and such. So, basically, the first interactive scene is now in the game. Yay!

It’s just a few days of work time left for the project, so I’ll try to get some stuff done during the weekend. If I just work at the same pace as I’ve done before, the game should be properly finished without problem.

That”ll be all for now. Now, I’m gonna play some Amnesia!
Sadly, I haven’t run into a shit-pants-moment yet in it. Fingers crossed that there’ll be one during this play session!

Marcus out.