Hey all!

Just checking in for a quick report. As I said yesterday, the game was more or less finished, and today I worked on adding a title screen and fixing bugs. My brother helped me out with finding a few quirks in the dialogue and one fatal (gasp!) bug that crashed the game. Thanks, bro!
I also poked around in the dialogue a bit, fixing things that my brother pointed out and shortening a few unnecessarily long sentences (for better flow and sometimes to fit in with the character better.)

Tomorrow’s presentation day and I anticipate that it’ll go quite well. I’m satisfied with what I’ve done, hopefully I can somehow relay that to the audience, convincing them of the game’s old-schoolish awesomeness. We’ll see how it goes!

I’ll probably post again tomorrow, as a conclusion to these two weeks of intense, but not overwhelming work.

Until then..!

Marcus out.