So, post-presentation blogging was delayed for a bit, due to Easter celebration and the like. It was great, the whole family got together at my parents’ for Easter dinner and lots of chit-chat.

Today’s the final day for the project, as a school assignment, so to say. I’m working on throwing in a couple of last-minute things to the game to make it easier for our teacher to play. More temporary sprites to see which character’s which and some more visual cues to the clues that Francis has to find.

The presentation went well, I received a lot of positive feedback for the game and some very good constructive pointers as to how to improve some details. I’ll be working on integrating all those things more thoroughly later and finally release the full game here on the website when it’s completely finished. It might take some time, but be sure to keep all your eyes peeled for it!

That’s all for now. Some few final things to do before I can send in the project (as an assignment.) Wish me luck!

Marcus out.