A little while no see, been working at my father’s store this summer. Not to worry though, I’ve still had time to work on my game projects. I thought I’d let you all in on a quick update on the revised version of My Burden to Keep, it’s coming along quite nicely!

I’m about 65% done with the new background art for the game, which I’ve decided to render fully in Maya instead of using the process that I used for the first version I made. Here’s a comparison shot of the interrogation room;

Left - original version, right - new version (duh!) Click the picture for bigger version.

The original process involved rendering the scene in Maya with just ambient occlusion, then colouring it in Photoshop and finally reducing the amount of colours to give it that grainy, old-school look. It worked allright, the results were fine, but I felt I could improve it a lot.
For the revised backgrounds, I decided to go with a fully rendered approach. Some scenes were re-modelled, all of them touched up and all elements were given appropriate materials. Then they were lit and then rendered in mental ray.

As you can see, the characters have also been given proper sitting sprites (detective Francis even has standing frames in all four directions now! Progress!) and  there’s an added question to Francis’ dialogue choices.

I hope you found this quick post interesting, as I like to share not only the stuff I create, but also the thought and process behind it. It’s more personal that way, we wouldn’t want it to be all stale and secretive like the big companies do it, right?

That’ll be all for now, rock on, folks!
Marcus out.

PS. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share regarding the posts content, then the comments field is the perfect place to do so. Go on, it won’t bite!