The Level Design Guidance Guide is a collection of different level design tricks of visually guiding the player towards their goal. I wrote it during the second block of the first term of my third year at uni. The guide was compiled partly for the sake of serving as documentation of the research I conducted during the block. It was also compiled in this format because I wanted to share my findings, so that people would have a nice point of reference for guidance methods in level design. By naming the different methods, I hope to provide a possible terminology, to better establish these means of guidance as an important staple in level designing.

The guide will be updated whenever I have the time, to keep it fresh. You will find the latest version of the guide just below, enjoy!
Don’t forget to check out the additional links at the end of the document, where I discuss things like the relation between visual guidance methods and the brain’s reaction to temporally irregular visual patterns. It’s a mouthful, but you might just find it very interesting!


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