Hey duders and dudettes! Long time no see!

As usual, school has kept me busy so there hasn’t been a lot in the ways of updates on here, as you can see. Worry not, though! When I get the time to do it, I’ll update the site with what I’ve been doing lately and also, hopefully, throw in some cross-posts here and on my Blogger blog, The Caffeine Gamer. Involving video games, of course!
Until then though, I guess we’ll all have to settle with this heap of text? Guess so, sorry about that!

Anyhow, since the last update, I’ve been working with finishing up the dungeon me and Mike made in UDK, I wrote an essay on futurism, which is not the same as the common term ‘futuristic.’ It’s actually about Italy, speed, unconventional architecture and noisy music, to name a few things! I’ve also worked on another game with Mike, involving zombies-in-office-management.
Right now, I’m partaking in a 10-week project along with six other cool duders and we’re making a little something along the lines of Dear Esther meets Mirror’s Edge/Prince of Persia (the old one from the disk days). There’ll be crystals, caverns and memories perhaps better left untouched. Stay tuned for more!

There’s not a lot else to add right now, clock’s already ticked past bedtime. That hasn’t stopped me from just a few minutes of Legend of Grimrock, though!

Marcus out.