Day 12 – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today, I finally got started on using the previously mentioned process plan! I’ll up the presentation version of today’s work when it’s done. In the meantime, here’s some pictures of what I did today!

Today’s assignment was; make an alien ship! So I decided to go with the rough silhouette -> refined sketch -> final version approach. Here’s the first step. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s the second step. I painted all the ‘parts’ on individual layers so that I could later shade and color them. (Click to enlarge.)

I had to redo the shading a couple of times, because I wasn’t satisfied with it. Also, the coloring turned out shit, so I reverted it back to greyscale, with a twist. I might stick to making greyscale sketches for now, until I’ve gotten better at coloring. (Click to enlarge.)

A little behind on the schedule, since I didn’t have time to do an audience test (text vs sketch.) Of course, no delays come without learning something! I’ll probably do a similar assignment tomorrow and just stick to greyscale sketches, see if it makes the method more effective.

That’s all, smell ya later!

Marcus out.