Day 13 – Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good evening! I’ve gotta get down and throw the laundry into the machines pretty soon, so I’ll make this quick.

Today’s assignment was to make a land-based unit/vehicle for a human faction in the same imaginary strategy game as the one I made the alien ship for. This was mainly because I wanted to try out a slight alteration of my method, skipping the coloring step for now. The process was a slight bit more effective and I think there’s still room for additional alterations to my process to make it even more effective.

Anyhow, without further ado, here’s today’s concept art.

The first step, the quick silhouettes/sketches. A lot of them look slightly bird-like, which wasn’t intentional, but oh well. (Click to enlarge.)

I chose one of the vehicles and painted out its individual elements in a higher resolution to prepare it for the final shading stage. (Click to enlarge.)

A-and the final sketch, with some fancy filters and a background. As I mentioned, I skipped the coloring part and just shaded the vehicle instead. It did make the method slightly more effective! (Click to enlarge.)

That’ll be all for today. Same-ish time again tomorrow!

Marcus out.