Day 17 – Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey everyone! Got some art to show you today (yay!) so let’s get to it!

Today’s assignment was to make a Lovecraft-inspired boss enemy for a fictional RPG/dungeon crawler game. Here’s the result, step by step!

First off, I started ‘sketching’ with Alchemy. After making a few rather cool looking, rough sketches, I ultimately decided to use this one to process in Photoshop. (Click to enlarge.)

In Photoshop, I filled in the Alchemy sketch with a brush, to get the shapes more defined so that I could later shade them (also seen here.) I also added a bit of highlights, to better define the shapes. (Click to enlarge.)

Finally, I added a color layer, some additional shading to the eyes to make them appear more round and a simple background. Since the shapes still looked kind of vague to me, I added some outlines to make them clearer. This might not’ve been totally necessary, since the shapes were clearer when I decreased the resolution for the final image. (Click to enlarge.)

So, to sum things up; I made a piece of concept art today. It was fun and the method I found was very effective, just like last time I tried it (see two entries back.) This workflow is definitely one I could work with frequently, as it, already at my still novice level of skill, outputs decent results in a good amount of time (approx. three and a half hours in total.)

That’s all for today. See ya again tomorrow!

Marcus out.