Day 18 – Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey all! Today, I strayed away from the process plan again to try my hand at some thumbnail environment drawing, which essentially means drawing just rough sketches of environments in thumbnail size. It’s sort of like the silhouette environment design method that I’ve used before, except instead of using a silhouette reference, you just draw tiny, rough pictures. I hope that makes a bit of sense, at least.

I’m trying the thumbnail sketching method out mainly to see if I’m proficient enough to use it in an assignment, since it’s really just a first step of a method I plan to use. I’ll detail the method and its steps more when I actually get to using it in one of my ‘assignments.’

Here’s a peek at the rough sketches I did today. Not much to look at, but it might give you some idea as to how the step works.

(Click to enlarge.)

Overall, it went quite well. Since I didn’t really have any guidelines for what to draw, I just drew whatever came to mind. If I did have a set theme, I think it would be an efficient method to use, so I’ll give it a proper go soon enough.

That’ll be all for now. Stay safe!

Marcus out.