Day 21 – Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey all! It’s time for a short wrap-up here now. This block has come and gone, so it’s time to once again pose the question/issue that I wrote in my plan earlier. The one I changed just a little while back.

Here’s how it goes now; how can one efficiently transfer ideas/concepts to visual form (concept art)?

I believe that I have responded to this question through the way I’ve worked during the block. Through using various methods and evaluating the final result in relation to the time they took to execute, while not forgetting to mention how my level of motivation has been throughout. The follow-up question this would pose is if the particular method was efficient enough, which I’ve also answered for every assignment I’ve done following my process plan.

Throughout the block, I’ve found at least a couple of methods that, with my level of proficiency with illustrating, have been efficient enough for me to use in an actual production. I’ve also found a few that were potentially usable when I have increased my skills with illustrating in general. Following this block, I will try to exercise regularly, drawing whatever comes to mind and perhaps studying some more advanced techniques and challenges.

For my short answer of the question, I would say; By testing various methods detailed by talented artists. If you found the method to be stimulating and fun while it also yielded results that you were satisfied with given the time they took, then you’ve got an efficient method fit for use in a project.

That’ll be all. I’ll see you all next block, perhaps?

Marcus out.