Day 5 – Friday, September 7, 2012

Another day, another dollar, as they say! Not entirely relevant in this case, at least not in the literal sense, since there’s no pay-checks involved in studies. There is the student grant, though. Anyway, let’s not get too off topic.

Today, I was at school again, in shape enough to actually move out of my room again. While there, I finalized my planning for the first block. I found some more resources to use, amongst them an actual, physical book that Mike’s gonna let me borrow (thanks dude!) Casper also linked me to an examination paper that involved concept art and the study of different, professional artists’ styles, which looks like it’ll be very useful too.
There’s really not much else to add. The planning’s finished and looking good so far, and I feel more than ready to tackle some tablet drawing on monday. I feel this is gonna be great and very educational, let’s do this!

Marcus out.