Day 7 – Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It’s time again! Today, I’ve been reading more of the book (Imagine: Creating Art for Entertainment). As with what I read yesterday, there was a lot of useful information in there. Today’s reading consisted of a lot of information on color and shading. The pages in that book are crammed with information and examples. Instead of simply scanning in the pages, quoting them or the like though, I decided to give some of the examples my own take and thoughts. It makes it easier for me to reflect upon what I’ve learned from the book, which is great.

The first exercise I did today. A simple study of shape, form/volume, shading and lighting. The terminology might not be universal, but hopefully it’s understandable. (Click to enlarge.)

An experimental study related to shading and depth. Very quickly drawn, but it did help me get a better grip on how the order of the shades of the different “tree lines” affected the pictures impression. (Click to enlarge.)

Another test image in the same vein as the one before. Through the use of layering, shading, light and contrast, I experimented with the impression and mood of the sketch. More information in the pic itself. (Click to enlarge.)

I apologize for the messy handwriting in the first two pictures. As I realised that these study sketches might actually be of use, I finally decided to use the more readable text tool in Photoshop instead for the third pic.

Hopefully these images help give you an impression of what I’ve observed in the book that I’m reading. The book has certainly helped me understand the importance of the thought behind art. It’s not that I have never put thought into my sketches before, of course I’ve always done that. There are just some aspects of drawing that I haven’t really thought about, that were almost subconscious. Since I now have a clearer understanding of them, I believe I can improve upon my artwork more, which’ll help me improve my communication of ideas and concepts to others.
Well, what do you know? I managed to tie today’s sketching and experimenting back to my planning! It’s swell when things come together like that.

Oh, one more thing, I also did a little color wheel, just for fun.

That’ll be all for today’s workbook report. Stay safe!

Marcus out.