Day 8 – Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This is getting to be a habit. A good one at that! I’m learning stuff, the website’s less empty, you all get to read about my learning process. Or, you know, you could just skip to the pictures for the good stuff. There’ll only be one today though.

I’m almost through the book (Imagine: Creating Art for Entertainment), and I must say it’s been a hell of an educational ride. When I got started this week, I anticipated I would mostly just sit at my desktop and draw stuff. I’m glad I got started on reading it, since it’s been, as I said, very educational.

Just like yesterday, I took a ‘break’ from reading by drawing some experimental stuff, applying some of the things that I learned from the book. I also got started on using the thumbnail method, as I call it, to draw some rough, small environment sketches. I’ve only filled three of the nine spaces in my template though, so it’ll be probably be up tomorrow. Here’s today’s experiment, though;

A quick study of different types of balance in sketches. (Click to enlarge.)

I’ve not got much else to add right now, so that’ll be all. Tally-ho!

Marcus out.