Day 9 – Thursday, September 13, 2012

No pictures today, apologies in advance! Today consisted mostly of meeting with my assigned tutors for this block and discussing the plan I made. There were a few things they pointed to that I’ll look over and edit some, hopefully it’ll be clearer and better then. Another thing that I’ll probably do tomorrow or at least soon enough is to write down and define what the term concept art means, in case anyone should not be familiar with the term and process. I’m also going to make up a sort of template plan for when I start drawing more ‘seriously’ next week.

I did get started on trying out another method for drawing, which is more iterative. It involves first making a rough, greyscale thumbnail or silhouette, then a more detailed sketch and a final, colored version. I got as far as getting started on the final stage, so if tomorrow’s writing and reading doesn’t take up too much time, I might have something to show off then.

That’ll be all for today. Time to check out the Legend of Grimrock dungeon editor!

Marcus out.