Block 2 – Day 8

Howdy-hey-there! It’s me again, yours truly, the only one who writes on this website because it’s my personal portfolio. It is also my digital workbook, so let’s get to that!

Today, I finally got started on writing a template and an entry for my guide on guidance methods in level design. For now, I’m calling the document “Level Design Guidance Guide.” Pretty descriptive, huh?
For reference purposes, I should write down the elements of my method documentation template here. If anyone of you readers feel that I’ve missed something with my template, feel free to post a comment and tell me, I appreciate any input! Also, actual comments are always fun, unlike another commonly recurring disease called spam comments. Those are no fun!

For my documentation of the guidance methods that I will look at, I decided that these elements were crucial to describe them:

  • A name for the method. This is mainly as a point of reference.
  • A general description of the method itself, how it’s used.
  • Function. How the method works and why it works. How does it catch the player’s attention?
  • Classification – is the method of environmental (visual) or mechanical (gameplay) nature?
  • Samples of use. Screenshots from the method being used in games.
  • Finally, a ‘see also’ section, with cross references to similar methods in the guide.

I feel that this layout suits my research perfectly, as it’ll be easy for others to understand it. One of the reasons why I decided to put everything together in the guide-like format was because I aim to share my findings when I’m finished with it.

I might post a sample method or two before the weekend, just so you all can get a feel for how the guide will be. As of today, I’ve only written one entry so far. Since I’ve got a good template to work from now, writing more entries will probably be a breeze. I’m actually worried that the workflow might prove too smooth now and that I’ll be done documenting everything before the deadline. That’s not all bad though, as long as the quality of the entries remain at a high level.

That’s all for today. Tally-ho!

Marcus out.