Block 2 – Days 13 & 14

Yo interbutts! It’s me again, writing about stuff I do at uni. Level design guidance theory, cool stuff like that!

So what’ve I been up to lately? Well, yesterday (Wednesday) I had a meeting with my tutor, discussing what I’d done so far and how I could improve/expand upon my studies. He suggested that I should look at other types of media as well, since I’ve established a good foundation for documenting the game/level design aspect of my studies. I’ve decided that I’m going to look at a couple of movies on Friday to see how they’re directing the attention of the viewer. I’ve yet to decide which ones I’m going to watch, but I’m fairly sure that at least one of them will be 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Other than that, I’ve also written a few more entries in my guide over these last couple of days. I noticed earlier today that I had forgotten to write about some of the most obvious methods, like using maps and mini-maps. They’re most often separated from the world itself, being either a menu option or a HUD-element, but it’s still worth mentioning as I’ve found it is the dominant way of guidance in more open world games. The more freedom you’re granted, the more complex the environment becomes and vice versa.

So I fired up Borderlands 2 for just a quick session, to get some good reference/sample shots for my guide entry on maps. I might write another entry later tonight, on ‘floating waypoints’. I’ll have to look through my screenshots of Dishonored and see if I have any that’ll fit the entry, otherwise I’ll just have to play it for a bit. Research is a lot of fun sometimes!

That’ll be all for these couple of days. Tomorrow’s Friday and I’ll hopefully have a nifty reflection list and some thoughts on attention guidance in movies to write about. Until then..!

Marcus out.