Block 2 – Days 16 & 17

Sup interwebs! It’s time for another workbook entry.

So, yesterday’s work is available right here on the site, the short analysis I did on 2001: A Space Odyssey. It speaks for itself pretty well, but that’s basically all I did yesterday. It took a while to get some good snapshots of the film that fit with what I wanted to say about it. In the end, it was worth a day’s work to summarize my findings and share it on here. I hope someone found it interesting!

As for today, work was a bit on the slow side. I tidied up the guide a bit, removing the “see also” section from the template as I felt that it was a bit redundant. I’ve summarized and compiled some of the methods that I originally planned to write separately, so it shouldn’t be so confusing to read through the guide as to warrant the need for a “see also”-section. I might reintroduce it if I keep adding to the guide after this block, which I hope to do as I feel that there’s plenty more methods to document if I can only get the time to play more games.

Other than that, I also added a little entry by the name “stock up”, which involves presenting the player with a room or area that is filled with ammo and/or health. This method is often used in order to prepare the player for an upcoming larger battle and it helps build anticipation for it. When you’re given such an amount of ammunition, you know things are probably about to get quite serious. This entry also marked the first and so far only entry which has a picture example from a game of the 90’s, namely none other than good ol’ Wolfenstein 3D.

The last few days of this block will probably go to documenting a few more methods and then polishing the guide. Time has really flown these last few weeks, crazy!

That’s all for this entry. Until next time!

Marcus out.