Block 2 – Days 18 & 19

The end of this block draws near, but it’s not here just yet!

During yesterday, Wednesday, I wrote another entry for the guide and tidied some other entries up. This entry involved the ramping up of a level’s/game’s difficulty level by introducing threats one at a time, then together. The new entry broke the record for the oldest game referenced in the guide, as I used screenshots from Mega Man 4 to illustrate the method. Other than that, I also went to a little meeting/fika with the Forgotten Key-crew. We discussed some ideas, some very cool ideas. Nothing I can or should talk about here now though, sorry!

As for today, I wrote yet another entry. Turns out I had forgotten about another one of the most obvious entries, since I’ve been very focused at finding as many visually subtle methods as I could. So I wrote an entry on the simple practice of guiding a player forward with arrows and signs. A real classic, of course, and one closely related to our real lives. Every day we’re met with traffic signs and arrows pointing towards where we can go and how to get there. It may not be as stimulating a method to employ in level design, as there’s not as much challenge to just making a sign that points straight towards your goal. It’s a useful method still though, if used in moderation and where it feels like a part of the environment. After I finished the entry up, I fired up Borderlands 2 to see if I could find something more to write about. I didn’t find a new method, but I did manage to get some nice sample shots for use in my entry on color coding. All the different explodable barrels sport colors related to the type of elemental damage that they cause, a very interesting and effective use of colors to distinguish elements.

That’s about all for these two days. Tomorrow’s one of the last days, I’ll probably be going through the document and finishing it up. I feel that I’ve got enough entries for the guide to be useful to people, though of course there’s probably plenty more methods to find and document out there. I don’t plan on abandoning the guide after this block, I’ll probably fill it out with more methods every now and then, as I find them. Look out for the first edition of it coming soon, though! Hopefully, it’ll be of help to y’all.

Until next time!

Marcus out.