Block 2 – Days 4-5

Reporting in again for a little update on my planning. I spoke to my tutor yesterday (Thursday) about my planning document, as there were some things he suggested I should change. He advised me to put focus on just the theory for now and concentrate on one of the two things (out of guiding the player or telling a story through a level.) I decided to go for player guidance and as such, I will conduct research on several games to see what different methods there are to guide the player within a game world.

Since I altered my document quite a bit, here’s the new question formulation for reference; what methods are there, in level design, for guiding the player?
It might still appear a bit vague, but I think I won’t have too much trouble getting something out of it. The plan right now is to, as I mentioned, research different games to discover these methods. After I’ve documented these methods, I plan to put everything together in a sort of dictionary for guidance in level design. If all goes as planned and the ‘dictionary’ turns out useful, I’ll post it on here for people to download. After all, what’s the point of studying if you can’t share the wisdom?

I’ve actually started researching already. Yesterday, I installed Mirror’s Edge and played a portion of it, taking screenshots of things that I noted along the way. After finishing up my planning document again today, I installed Bioshock and played a bit of that too. There are definitely a lot of useful things to gather from these games. They might share the same approach to perspective, both being in first person, but aside from that, they’re very different. It’s funny how when I played Bioshock today, I felt almost nostalgic about it. It’s only been five years since its release, but a lot has happened since.

Anyhow, now’s not the time for nostalgia. I’ll look through the screenshots I saved of the games and see what I can write about, but I’ll probably not get started on the actual writing until Monday or Tuesday next week.

That’ll be all for now. Time to have another relaxed gaming weekend, let’s see what Dishonored has to offer!

Marcus out.