Block 2 – Days 1-3

Hey all! It’s time again, though it’s now time for a new block, with an entirely new set of goals.

During this block, I’ve decided to direct my attention to some aspects of level design, namely looking at flow in a level (guiding the player forward, presenting paths, elements and such) and looking at storytelling within a level. I plan to study different games and articles on these two subjects, finding different methods, writing about them a bit more in detail and the finally applying them to a smaller project at the end of the block. This project will most likely be a level/dungeon made in the dungeon editor (a tool for making dungeons/levels) for Legend of Grimrock

I haven’t got anything to show or write about just yet, as I just got started with this block. Most of the time so far has been devoted to plan the rest of the block, which includes filling out the mandatory work plan document with a question formulation, purpose of the study, goals of the study and so on. My question formulation as of right now (might change slightly later) is, roughly translated, “which methods exist for guiding the player and/or conveying details of the game world in level design?

I’ll get properly started with my research tomorrow, I’m also going to see if I can meet up with my assigned tutor as I need to discuss my planning document. Apparently there were some aspects of it that he thought I should expand upon, which might be useful for further clarifying what exactly I’m going to do.

Until I’ve conducted some proper research, there probably won’t be all that much to write about, so I might keep updates less frequent at first. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to discuss and write about here during next week, so look out for that if this all sounds interesting.

Until next time, eat ice cream and enjoy stuff!

Marcus out.