Hey all! This post will be a little late, but for the sake of consistency, I’ll just move its publishing date to Friday. It’ll be like I never was late with it!

As I mentioned in the last post, I ran into some issues when exporting my UDK level with more than two materials. The names of the materials were not correct for some, the surfaces they were assigned to weren’t right either. In some places, I would have a blue-tinted ceiling texture, just for testing purposes. In one of these rooms where it happened, the walls were instead blue-tinted and the ceiling was the regular, white-grey variation.

I found a solution to this problem by importing the mesh of the level into Maya and then re-assigning the materials where they should be (selecting all the floors, giving them the floor material, same for the walls, etc.) With this extra step, the whole process was a bit more time-consuming, but it was not a difficult extra step. Just a bit tedious, perhaps.

Then, I had another revelation (sort of!) I remembered that when I exported the whole level the first time, instead of selecting the parts I wanted to export and using the “Export selected only” option, all the materials were on the right surfaces and had the right tiling, rotation and so on. So, I fired up UDK again, fiddled with the level a bit and then exported the level in its entirety. Lo and behold, when I got it into Unity again, the materials were in the right places, had the right names, surfaces had the right tiling, positioning and rotation.

I also went back and deleted the colored versions of the wall and just had different textures for the floors/ceilings and walls. I’ll have to try it again with a few more materials and see if it works, but at least now I know it’ll work perfectly fine as long as I have two materials and export the entire level. I can just clean up the leftover stuff from UDK in Unity. It’ll be a lot less time consuming than having to reassign all the materials to the surfaces in Maya, that’s for sure.

A little progress shot of the first chamber. No lights inside just yet, but the layout is more or less done! (Click to enlarge.)

Other than that, I also made a lot of progress with the first chamber. The shell of it is more or less finished now, sans a bit of decoration for the first Interval area. Since I’m running standard, free Unity, I won’t have the fancy light bounces and such in my levels, but I found that the lightmaps generated with the standard lightmapper do turn out pretty neat.

That’s all for this report. I feel that it’s not quite time for a reflection list just yet, so that’ll probably happen next Friday instead.

Marcus out.