Hey hey hey! It’s that time again, time for walls of text of documenting my level designing process!

Today, I’ve been putting out the last light source models, which are just the decorative models that I placed by the lights, so that it doesn’t look like the lights are cast from nowhere. I also added in some doors of different variations, along with a script that makes them automatically open and close depending on how close the player is. Pretty neat, considering that I’ve barely even touched scripting in Unity before!

After that, I tidied up all the scripts, the level itself, added a little terrain by the outside area and started organizing all the elements of the level. Then, I made a proper lightmap bake for the level and built a test build of the Chamber. There were a few script errors that popped up during build, but they were all solved by removing part of the destroy script that I had copy-pasted from one script into several others.

In other words, the first Chamber is done and ready for testing! I’ll probably spend a little time later trying to plan the whole testing process. The simplest way would be for me to publish the test build at a super secret location on my site and just link a few people to it, followed by a quick survey on Google docs, or the like.

That’s all for now, until next time!

Marcus out.