Good evening, people of the internet! I’ll try to cut today’s report short, since I’m itching to play some video games. Here we go!

So, I started the day with making sure that everything worked in the level, did some test builds and such. After that, I downloaded a script that enabled me to increase the texture size of the lightmaps, so that I could build a version that looked less blurry. Nothing absolutely necessary, but it did make the level look a little prettier overall, which the testers might appreciate!

Speaking of testers, after having baked the lightmap again, I built a version of the level for uploading to my site. This was so that I could share it for testing, to see if the ways that I employed the guidance methods worked alright. I made a short survey in Google docs to go with it, with  some questions that I thought would enable people to summarize their experience well, without it taking too much time. I still tried to make them specific enough for me to get good feedback from them, which I’ll get to now.

As for the results, so far I’ve gotten some very useful and honest feedback from five people (thanks a bunch, everyone!) I decided to let people that I know test it, as opposed to doing an open test. This was mainly due to the fact that I haven’t really done a playtest like this for one of my personal projects before, but also because I knew that that people that I asked to test would leave me honest and usable feedback. Another advantage is that I know if the testers have different playstyles or habits/preferences with playing games, which I think helps me get varied feedback as well.

I’ll try to find a couple of more people to ask to playtest the level, then I’ll compile the results and write about it here, probably tomorrow. Tomorrow’s also the time to get started on a new level, planning the layout and such. I hope I’ll have the time to finish it up, I’ll probably have time over the next weekend  to catch up in case I don’t get done in the week. I’ll try my best to keep the weekend free from work though, it could turn into a bad habit.

Anyway, that’ll be all for now. Until next time!

Marcus out.