Yo yo! So, a little late report, since I was back home at my parents’ over the weekend, visiting them and hanging out with my siblings and such.

So, what happened this Friday in terms of work? Well, most of the testing’s done for the first Chamber. I’m just gonna send it over to one more tester or so, then I’m satisfied with the results.

I also adjusted the map a bit from the feedback I’ve gotten so far. The main changes were that I changed the layout of the first room. It turned out that the weird layout of it (which was supposed to be just decorational) got a few testers confused, thinking that there was more to the room than just the one door straight ahead. I also moved the first door a bit, since my limited amount of textures inadvertently made it a bit hard to spot, since it wasn’t colored either. It should be easier to spot now, with the new layout and more ‘revealing’ positioning in the level.

Other than that, I also re-arranged some of the ‘dynamic’ elements in the level, mainly the doors. Since I had sorted them with the dynamic elements, they were ignored by my lightmapping setup. This made them look a bit glitchy in some parts of the level, having a side brightly highlighted where it should’ve been fairly dark, and vice versa.

Last, but not least, I got started on sketching some ideas for the next chamber. I’ve got a plan for a set of at least a couple of rooms, but I’ll have to run some tests to see if my planned mind-boggling inter-connected rooms will work.

I’m not sure if I’ll get a whole ‘nother Chamber done in time before the deadline, but I’ll try my best. I’ll at least have a few more rooms/Instances to try out, which should be enough for me to test a few more of the methods that I actually can apply in this project.

That’s all for this report. Until next time!

Marcus out.