Hey all! It’s Friday, time for another update for my workbook!

So, today I continued working with figuring out which scale I should use in my levels. I tried a few different scaling ratios (from my map drawings to the actual UDK maps.)
The process involved first making a map drawing template in Photoshop, since I plan to use my tablet to draw my map layouts before I build them. I split that picture into squares of 64×64 and then tested the different ratios in UDK, for instance converting 1 pixel in the document to 1 Unreal Unity (uu), 1 pixel to 2 uu and so on.

I documented what I did in the form of a little drawing that should explain everything. Excuse the funky handwriting, it should be readable though!

(Click to enlarge.)

That pretty much explains what I did. It’ll make for good reference when I start drawing out my map layouts, so it’s definitely useful. I’ll probably work out a process plan on Monday, detailing how I will go from map concepts, to initial, “skeletal” version of the map, to testing it, evaluating it and then polishing it. It’ll probably be quite similar to what I just described, just a bit more detailed!

That’s all for now, until next time!

Marcus out.