Workbook time, come on grab your friends! Yeah, you know the drill!

Another week has started and my work’s going well. Today, I laid out a process plan for how I will go about making my levels. I also made a little design document, since I want the project to be more than just a guidance method showcase. The finished level will have its own little story. Not just because I felt like being more creative with what I’m doing, but because I want to be able to let the project stand as a small game of its own. Applying the guidance methods to a level is well enough, but if it feels like an actual (albeit experimental) game, the whole application of the methods increases in validity, at least in my opinion.

I also set up some few, major rules for how the levels will be laid out. The application of the guidance methods will be in the form of contained rooms/indoor areas that I call “Chambers.” Between the Chambers are “Intervals”, which are small outdoor areas that serve as bridges between the Chambers. I also wrote a few notes on how I imagine the aesthetic of the finished level will be. It’ll probably be something very simplistic, with simple shapes and very clean materials, with the occasional color accents for the sake of variation and, occasionally, guidance.

That’s all for today’s report!

Marcus out.