Workbook time, let’s do this!

First off, what happened during yesterdays work? Well, to be honest, I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped to. I read a bit through one of the sources I have, planned a bit more about how I should go about making the level(s). Except for the previously mentioned Chambers and Intervals, there are also a sort of sub-part of the level that I call “Instances.” Every Instance is an application and variation of the given guidance method within that chamber, so it’s a room within a collection of rooms, sort of.  Other than that, I also made a texture and material (in UDK) to use in my level.

As for today, I started planning the layout for the first Chamber, drawing out the rooms and writing down the details of the puzzles and how the guidance methods will be applied. I also expanded upon the wall material that I made yesterday, making the color of the blocks changeable, since I plan to employ a fair bit of color coding in the environment overall.

A sample shot of the material. Original variation on the right, blue tinted variation on the left. (Click to enlarge.)

This approach to the material, having instances with different color tints, is very useful since I’ll be able to get visual variation without having to make several different materials. Which, in turn, means that I have more time for the design.
Other than that, I also tested some slopes and the player’s jump height. Turns out that the default UDK player can walk up pretty steep slopes without issues, which is very useful to know since I’ve already designed a few rooms with some semi-steep slopes in mind.

That’s all for this report. I should have some map design stuff to show off tomorrow, on paper or in-game. I don’t want to reveal too much just yet though, so it’ll probably just be a little teaser!

Until next time!

Marcus out.