Block 3 – Days 1-3

Thus beginneth a new block for the fall term of my last uni year! Time’s moving fast, so let’s get to summarizing what I’m going to do and what I’ve done so far.

These last few days, just as the blocks before, have been spent mainly with working with my planning. I’ve been writing down the usual, obligatory stuff; a question formulation, a motivation for why I’m studying the subject I chose, what method I will use for this block, etc.

Other than that, I’ve also downloaded both Unity and UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and refreshing my memory with how to work with both programs. I haven’t made up my mind entirely yet as to which program I will use for my project. I’ll probably spend the remaining days of this week tinkering with both in order to make up my mind on which one I’ll use. They have different advantages. UDK boasts as being the most visually impressive out of the box and with a simple means of making levels (by using CSG, Constructive Solid Geometry.) Unity, on the other hand, is more accessible in general and has web deployment, meaning I could publish my finished project on my website alongside my level design guide.

As of right now, my question formulation for this block is; How well do the documented methods work in a level?
I’m going to work towards this question by making a level or small game of my own, where I try several of the guidance methods. Then I’ll evaluate how well they work, through letting people playtest them and compiling the results (for instance, how many of the testers took the right/left path, how many climbed the ladder, etc.)

That’s what’s been going on so far. Check in tomorrow for another post!

Marcus out.