And thus, block no. 4 begineth!

You all know what that means? More documentation of my process of learning game development (mostly design) related stuff!

For this final block, after discussing things with my assigned tutor, I decided that I’m going to look at integrating storytelling in a project. That project is none other than the one I built during the last block, when I worked with implementing guidance methods in level design. That project is Mortal Spire. While it is only two levels long, it’ll be just the right length for me to look at how I can integrate a story into an existing project. I will also take into account what I already have, how the project looks and feels without the addition of the storytelling elements and try to maintain them whilst adding more depth to it all.

As per usual, I worked the first few days in school with writing my planning document. For reference and since it is an important part of the process, my question formulation/problem was as follows;
How can one integrate a narration into an existing level/project?

I will be working in a sort of iterative process, taking one week to write a synopsis/outline for the story and choosing what I should tell with the levels that I have. Then, I’ll work one week with integrating these elements, testing them, probably with the same people that playtested the project during the last block and then adjusting anything that might’ve seemed out of place or the like. I might work towards doing two of these integration-testing phases, depending on how long it takes for me to compile the results and adjust whatever is necessary thereafter.

So far, I’ve worked on a little rough timeline for the events of the story as a whole. Like a synopsis, sort of! I’ve also started writing a bit. I was going to write a synopsis, but it turned more into an outline. Either way it turns out, I’ll probably have good use of it!

I will also be working with Anders from the sound production programme. He’s been studying implementation of music in games (and is a cool dude), so at the end of this block, the project will have both added depth in the form of storytelling elements and storytelling music alongside! I’m not a prophet in any way, but I think it’ll be quite awesome!

I’ll have more details about it all later next week, probably. Posts may be a bit scarce now during the first couple of weeks of the block, with the holidays coming up and all. I assure you all though, there will be design discussions, pictures, ramblings and the like aplenty, just like the other times!

That’s all for now though. Happy holidays to you all, whatever the name of the event may be! Yes, that includes you too, Festivus celebrators!

Marcus out.